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Acceptance is the Key

Night Before Christmas - Big Book Style 

'Twas the night before Christmas, we were all in the club, 

Enjoying a meeting, instead of a pub. 

The ashtrays were clean, and the coffee was made, 

The Big Books were out and then we all prayed. 

When out in the lot, there arose such a clatter, 

We all jumped up to see what was the matter. 

The Chair with his Big Book, and I with my smokes, 

Headed outside to find these two blokes. 

They came inside and sat at a table; 

And said that they'd chair, as soon as they're able. 

To start with, they said, "It's more than not drinking; 

It's doing your best to have God fix your thinking." 

"First Things First!" and the slogans we used, 

Help keep the newcomer from getting confused. 

Step 1 is a start, they said we should know, 

But after Step 2, we'll be all aglow. 

We make a decision when we got to Step 3, 

Step 4 was a bit tough, we all could agree. 

Step 5 is the one where we let it all out, 

And after Step 6 and 7, we're left with no doubt. 

When we got to Step 8, we made our full list; 

And then with Step 9, we have to persist. 

After Step 9, more promises ring true; 

We didn't just make that up, right out of the blue. 

After that, it's on with the rest; 

The things we must do, to be our best. 

They put on their coats and got ready to leave; 

A very good end, for this Christmas Eve. 

As to their names, we only could guess; 

Must have been Bill W. and Dr. Bob S. 

The two men hopped into a '35 Ford, 

And as they pulled out, one of them roared: 

"We leave this message, for our sisters and brothers: 

Trust God, clean house, and be of service to others. 

And for all of you people, I just want to say: 

Have a nice holiday, and don't drink today!" 

- Unknown

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